Where is the Slayer Tower?

Where is the Slayer Tower?

The Slayer Tower, also known as Viggora’s Folly, is a tall granite tower that was built by Viggora, a follower of Zaros, during the Second Age. The tower is located north-west of Canifis. There are three levels, each with increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters.

How do I get to the second floor of Slayer Tower?

There are multiple staircases both in the main hall and the corners of the building, however using the staircase in the north-east corner will lead directly to the second floor unless you are wearing a nose peg or a slayer helmet, since the eastern half of the first floor is filled with aberrant spectres.

Is Slayer Tower task only?

Monsters here can only be killed on a Slayer task. Raulyn will stop players who attempt to attack monsters that are not on their slayer task. The basement is dimly lit, although a light source is not required to enter….Basement.

Monster Abyssal demon
Combat level 124
Slayer level 85
Slayer XP 150
Quantity 14

How do I get to the roof of Slayer Tower?

The Grotesque Guardians are a pair of gargoyles, Dusk and Dawn, found on the Slayer Tower’s rooftop, whose entrance is found on the 2 nd floor [UK] . In order to access the roof, players must obtain a brittle key from gargoyles while assigned them for a Slayer task (requiring 75 Slayer).

Can you cannon in Morytania Slayer Tower?

Players may also earn bonus Slayer experience depending on their progress on the Morytania Diary. The amount of bonus experience gained starts at 2.5% with the easy task completed, increasing by 2.5% for each set complete, up to 10% with the elite tasks completed. Note: cannons CANNOT be used here.

Can you cannon Bloodvelds in Slayer Tower?

Bloodvelds are a type of demon that use their long tongues to attack their victims. They can also be safespotted in the Stronghold Slayer Cave while using a Dwarf multicannon in the north-east section of the bloodveld area, but this area is usually busy. …

Is it worth killing grotesque guardians?

The average Grotesque Guardian kill is worth 49,063. If the player does not receive a unique drop, the average kill is worth only 44,214….Killing the Grotesque Guardians.

Profit Experience gained
865,593 43,200 43,200 28,800 32,400
Inputs (319,044) Outputs (1,184,637)

What monsters are in the Slayer Tower?


  • Bat, level 14.
  • Crawling hand, level 11 and 18.
  • Banshee, level 37.
  • Infernal Mage, level 72.
  • Bloodveld, level 61 and 68.
  • Aberrant spectre, level 72.
  • Gargoyle, level 93.
  • Nechryael, level 96.

Are Bloodveld a good Slayer task?

Bloodvelds are an incredible task. Mutated Bloodvelds in Catacombs of Kourend are incredible experience. They are relatively AFK, give 110K+ att/str/def exp and 30K+ Slayer exp per hour. Their drops aren’t notable but they pay for your Prayer Potions so you lose basically nothing.

Can you cannon in Karuulm dungeon?

The dungeon itself is single-way combat. A dwarf multicannon can be used in all areas here except the Wyrm and Alchemical Hydra areas; the former states that the electricity the wyrms discharge would render the cannon useless, and the latter states that it would destroy the chemical containers.

What are brittle keys Osrs?

A brittle key is a key which grants the player permanent access to the Slayer Tower’s rooftop, where the Grotesque Guardians reside. It is used on the roof entrance on the top floor of the tower to access the rooftop. It is only dropped by gargoyles when a player is assigned them for a slayer task.

What is dusk weak to Osrs?

Dusk is immune to magic and ranged attacks; only melee attacks will harm it. In addition, if players stand under Dusk in the 2nd or last phase (when they are only fighting Dusk), they will be trampled and receive 30-40 damage.

Where is the Slayer tower in RuneScape Old School?

The Slayer Tower is located north-west of Canifis. There are three levels, each with increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters. It is also known as the “Morytania Slayer Tower” or “Canifis Slayer Tower”.

Where do you get spiked chain in Slayer tower?

This chain requires 71 Agility (can be boosted) to take players to the third floor, where the Nechryaels are located. The spiked chain in the aberrant spectre room can be used to climb back down to the ground floor, requiring 61 Agility (can be boosted).

What kind of monsters can you kill in the Slayer tower?

All monsters within the building require a certain Slayer level to kill, the lowest being crawling hands at level 5, and the highest being abyssal demons at level 85 Slayer. It should also be noted that it is not possible to set a dwarf multicannon inside and around the tower.

Is there a shortbow in the Slayer tower?

The Slayer Tower shortbow was a very rare prize from Treasure Hunter. The bow provides the same bonuses as a regular shortbow, however does not work to light logs for barbarian Firemaking. It was discontinued in March 2015, with 1,500 being available in the rare token store.