Who is the lead singer of The Ting Tings?

Who is the lead singer of The Ting Tings?

Katie Rebecca White
Katie Rebecca White (born 18 January 1983) is an English musician and member of the pop duo The Ting Tings….

Katie White
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass drum, cowbell, bass guitar, keyboards
Years active 1998–present
Labels Columbia/Red Ink
Associated acts The Ting Tings, TKO, Dear Eskiimo

Are the Ting Tings a couple?

The duo, singer Katie White and drummer Jules de Martino, have been celebrating since hitting the No1 spot. But Katie, who lives with Jules but insists they’re not a couple, has learned the hard way not to take happiness and success for granted after seeing how money rows nearly destroyed her family.

How old is the singer in the Ting Tings?

And comeback single ‘Blacklight’ is not The Ting Tings – aka 35-year-old singer and guitarist Katie White and 49-year-old drummer Jules De Martino – as we remember them.

How many hits did the Ting Tings have?

The Ting Tings’ second studio album, Sounds from Nowheresville, was less successful. It peaked at number 23 on the UK Albums Chart, and reached number 87 on the Billboard 200. In the UK, it generated one top 40 single, “Hands”, which peaked at number 29….

The Ting Tings discography
Music videos 14
EPs 3
Singles 10

What is a Ting Ting?

Tingting (Chinese: 婷婷) is a feminine name of Chinese origin that may refer to: Ayu Ting Ting (born 1992), Indonesian singer. Jiang Tingting (born 1986), Chinese synchronised swimmer. Liu Tingting (gymnast) (born 2000), Chinese gymnast. Liu Tingting (hammer thrower) (born 1990), Chinese hammer thrower.

Who was the female singer in The Ting Tings?

Katie White
Jules De Martino
The Ting Tings/Members

Where is Katie White now?

Katie White grew up near Warrington in Lowton- you might recognise her as the musician from The Ting Tings. The two man band went on to produce hit songs, such as ‘That’s Not My Name’ and ‘Shut Up and Let Me Go’. The Ting Tings are still producing music, releasing album ‘The Black Light’ in 2018.

Are the Ting Tings still touring?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for The Ting Tings scheduled in 2021.

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How old is Katie White?

38 years (18 January 1983)
Katie White/Age

What has happened to the Ting Tings?

The band’s 2015 US tour was cancelled in June 2015 as a result of a hand injury suffered by White. As of March 2018, The Ting Tings have been more active on social media, eventually announcing their new album The Black Light (which was released on 26 October 2018) via their Instagram story.