Who won womens long distance swimming?

Who won womens long distance swimming?

Ana Marcela Cunha
TOKYO (AP) — Dodging leaping fish in Tokyo Bay and pressure on the lead, Ana Marcela Cunha kept her cool and finally won at the Olympics on her third try. The Brazilian claimed the women’s 10-kilometer marathon swimming event on Wednesday in 1 hour, 59 minutes, 30.8 seconds.

Who won Triathlon 2012?

Alistair Brownlee
The men’s race was held on 7 August 2012. A group of six finished the 1,500-metre (1,600 yd) swim leg in a lead group. A large lead group of athletes were together at the end of the cycling leg but Alistair Brownlee broke away on the run to win the gold medal with Javier Gómez in second and Jonathan Brownlee in third.

Who won the bronze medal in men’s 60 kg freestyle wrestling in London Olympics 2012?

Yogeshwar Dutt
Yogeshwar Dutt (born 2 November 1982) is an Indian freestyle wrestler. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he won the bronze medal in the 60 kg category….Yogeshwar Dutt.

Men’s freestyle wrestling
Representing India
2012 Gumi 60 kg freestyle
Commonwealth Championship
2003 London 55 kg freestyle

Who won the women’s 10k swimming?

Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil won the women’s 10km marathon swimming event at Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo. After the gruelling 10km open-water swim, the 29-year-old Cunha touched the finish line in 1:59:30.8, just 0.9 seconds ahead of Netherlands’ Sharon van Rouwendaal.

Who won the gold medal in women’s marathon?

Joan Benoit Wins the First Women’s Marathon Gold.

Who won the 2016 women’s triathlon?

Gwen Jorgensen
Triathlon at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Women’s

Women’s triathlon at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Competitors 55 from 31 nations
Winning time 1:56:16
Gwen Jorgensen United States Nicola Spirig Hug Switzerland Vicky Holland Great Britain