Why does Canelo go by Canelo?

Why does Canelo go by Canelo?

In an interview, Álvarez explained that he was born on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, but his family is originally from Los Reyes, Michoacán. Canelo in Spanish is the masculine word for cinnamon, which is a common nickname for people with red hair.

What is canelos real name?

Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán
Canelo Álvarez/Full name

Who did Canelo Alvarez lose to?

Throughout his decorated 16-year-long boxing career, Canelo Alvarez has lost just one fight – against none other than Floyd Mayweather. The two kingpins of the boxing world met inside the ring in September 2013 at the MGM Grand Arena.

What was Canelo Alvarez childhood like?

Canelo Alvarez started his boxing career from the bottom up in Jalisco, Mexico, his hometown, until he gained respect in the boxing world. He was born of a humble “tapatia” family of eight children, in which the older son, Rigoberto, decided to take up boxing, inspiring the rest of the family.

Who is Nelda Sepulveda?

Canelo Alvarez is only 25 years old and has not completely settled down when it comes to his dating life. She graduated from the San Diego Culinary Institute and has even launched a Mexican Popsicle company in the US with Canelo’s help. …

Who is canelos Baby Momma?

Alvarez’s youngest child is his son, Saul Adiel Sepulveda, who was born in 2019. He is the child of Canelo and former girlfriend Nadia Sepulveda, who was also the boxer’s business partner. Alvarez’s son is now two years old.

Has Alvarez been knocked down?

He’s never been knocked down and, even in bouts against bombers like Sergey Kovalev and Gennady Golovkin, has never been punished to the point where a loss has seemed imminent.

Who is Canelo dad?

Santos Álvarez
Canelo Álvarez/Fathers

Who are some boxers that Canelo Alvarez fought?

From the very beginning of his professional career, Álvarez proved to be a skilled boxer, playing and winning matches one after the other. He won against players such as Miguel Vázquez and Francisco Villanueva but drew against Jorge Juarez.

Where did Canelo Alvarez live most of his life?

Early life. In an interview, Álvarez explained that he was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, but his family was at the time living in San Agustín de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga. At the age of five, his family moved to their current home of Juanacatlán, Jalisco.

What was the weight of Canelo Alvarez when he fought Baldomir?

Baldomir weighed in at 153.4 lbs for the bout, that was contracted for 151 lbs. In California, if a fighter is overweight he is penalized 20% of his purse and that percent is given to the other fighter. However, Álvarez declined to take the extra $12,000 from Baldomir.

When did Canelo Alvarez lose to Miguel Cotto?

This also marked the first loss of Álvarez in his professional career. The loss, however, could not mar the fighting spirit of Álvarez, who went on to win three bouts against three different boxers before winning ‘The Ring,’ the lineal, and the vacant ‘WBC’ middleweight titles against Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto on November 21, 2015.