Why does my trunk button not work?

Why does my trunk button not work?

This could be a sign of anything from the fob battery going bad, the wires and electronics associated with the trunk actuator switch, or something as simple as a blown fuse needing replaced. In some cases, there could be an issue with your vehicle’s battery that is causing the interruption in the signal itself.

Where is the trunk release switch?

Pull up on the trunk release lever located to the left of the driver’s seat.

How do you get into the trunk of Saturn?

Flip open the driver-side tulip door located behind driver seat. Reach in and grab the vertical cable with a finger and pull it to open the trunk.

How do you open a trunk without a key?

There are a few options to consider.

  1. Get Your Spare Keys.
  2. Use the Trunk Release Button.
  3. Fold Your Seats Down.
  4. Override the Locking Mechanism.
  5. Call a Locksmith.
  6. Pop-A-Lock of Phoenix.

What button do you press to open the trunk?

To open the trunk, press the trunk release button on the driver’s door. You can also use the master key to open the trunk lock. To close the trunk, press down on the trunk lid. Do not press down on the rear spoiler as you may damage it.

Can you open your trunk with a dead battery?

If your vehicle’s battery goes dead or is disconnected, you can open the trunk from the rear seat by pulling the trunk release handle. Keep the trunk lid closed at all times while driving to avoid damaging the lid, and to prevent exhaust gas from getting into the interior.

How do you break into a trunk without a key?

How do you fix a trunk lock actuator?

How it’s done:

  1. The trunk lock actuator is verified to be broken.
  2. The inside trunk trim panel trunk is removed and the broken lock actuator is removed.
  3. The new trunk lock actuator is installed.
  4. The trunk lock actuator is tested for proper operation and the inside trim panels are reinstalled.