Why shake it up is a bad show?

Why shake it up is a bad show?

Rather cheesy and poor writing. The laugh track is overused, it plays almost after every sentence. While most songs are pretty good, some can be pretty bad, particularly in the episode “Funk it Up” which contains a horrible cover of the High School Musical song “Getcha Head in the Game”.

Where is CeCe from shake it up now?

Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones What she’s up to now: Bella starred on Freeform’s Famous in Love and appears in the upcoming show, Paradise City. She also continues to put out new music.

Is Shake It Up appropriate for kids?

Parents need to know that there’s nothing offensive about this sugary series that will entice pre-tweens, but it is another example of how tween-oriented sitcoms greatly oversimplify the reality of teen life for its young audience.

Who won the Shake It Up Dance Competition?

In the end, AKsquared was declared the winners and appeared in the episode Camp It Up.

Why did Kenton Duty Leave Shake It Up?

Favorite Answer The only reason why he left was because he was offered a leading role in a show called “Contest”. They’ll get to their destination and say, “See, I’m a good person. RE: Why did Kenton Duty (Gunther Hessenheffer) leave Shake It Up?

What age is Shake It Up for?

It also became the channel’s highest-rated Sunday premiere for an original series on record with total viewers, kids aged 6 to 11 and teens aged 9 to 14.

Who does CeCe date in Shake It Up?

CeCe Jones
Romances Ty Blue (kissed; crush) Kendall Schmidt Celebrity Crush
Friends Rocky Blue (best friend) Ty Blue Deuce Martinez Dina Garcia Molly Hampton Derek Carter Rachel Watson Lindsay Hampton Maddie Carter
School John Hughes High School
Affiliations Shake It Up, Chicago

Did the cast of Shake It Up Get Along?

Bella Thorne and Zendaya starred in the Disney hit show Shake It Up that aired for three years. Bella revealed in the interview that she admired Zendaya now but both the actors did not get along in the start while filming.

What age is shake it up for?

Can kids watch Andi Mack?

Andi Mack tackles big and small issues in this newly minted teen’s life with humor and charm that’s appealing to parents almost as much as it is to kids. That said, the show introduces some fairly mature concepts, especially for the preteen crowd that frequents Disney series like this one.

Who is DJs mix?

Jaycee Wilkins and Dylynn Jones make an appearance. They are DJs Mix. They are from Arizona and we both part of fresh faces and on Americas got talent.

Who was in AK squared?

AKsquared includes Alyssa, Arielle, Kailey and Kalani who range in age from 10 to 14 years old. They were featured in the episode Camp It Up, dancing to the song Make Your Mark.