Why was Chelmsford made a city?

Why was Chelmsford made a city?

The City of Chelmsford (/ˈtʃɛlmzfərd/) is a local government district in Essex, England. On 1 June 2012 Chelmsford was granted city status to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Why is Chelmsford called Chelmsford?

The city’s name is derived from Ceolmaer’s ford which was close to the site of the present High Street stone bridge. In the Domesday Book of 1086, the town was called Celmeresfort and by 1189 it had changed to Chelmsford.

What is Chelmsford the birthplace of?

Chelmsford is known as the birthplace of radio, thanks to its connection with Guglielmo Marconi who opened the world’s first wireless factory here in 1899. We named the Marconi Building on our Chelmsford campus after him.

What is the Roman name of Chelmsford?

Settlement names

Roman name Modern name Appearances
Caesaromagus Chelmsford, Essex AI, RC
Calcaria Tadcaster, North Yorkshire AI
Calleva Atrebatum Silchester, Hampshire AI, P, RC
Camboduno unknown (Huddersfield?) AI

Is Chelmsford a safe place to live?

Chelmsford is generally regarded as a safe city to live in, with a lower crime rate than the UK average. Moulsham, Melbourne and Springfield have slightly higher levels crimes rates, with the majority of recorded crimes are either violent or anti-social.

Is Chelmsford a posh area?

Chelmsford is a safe city with a low crime rate and a fairly affluent populace. The city offers quality schools, hospitals and other amenities, as well as attractive employment opportunities.

How many black people are in Chelmsford?

Breaking down the population by race shows that 94.6% of the population is White, 2% is South Asian, 1.3% is Black, and 1.2% is mixed race. Of the total population, approximately 60,000 live within the city, while over 42,000 live in the surrounding semi-rural and suburban areas.

What is the richest part of Essex?

These are the most expensive places to live in Essex

  • Ingatestone – Average house price paid £759,633.
  • Chigwell – Average house price paid £653,799.
  • Epping – Average house price paid £619,395.
  • Loughton – Average house price paid £606,898.
  • Brentwood – Average house price paid £556,039.
  • Ongar – Average house price paid £552,867.

Where should I not live in Chelmsford?

We have has tallied up the number of crimes that have been reported to reveal Chelmsford’s most dangerous area:

  • 1) MOULSHAM – 2936.
  • 2) MARCONI – 2057.
  • 3) SPRINGFIELD – 1487.
  • 5) BADDOW & GALLEYWOOD – 1127.
  • 6) BROOMFIELD – 568.
  • 7) CHELMSFORD TOWN – 469.

What percentage of Chelmsford is black?

Breaking down the population by race shows that 94.6% of the population is White, 2% is South Asian, 1.3% is Black, and 1.2% is mixed race.

What percentage of Chelmsford is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  18.8%
Female persons, percent  51.6%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  87.2%

What is the safest town in Essex?

There are safer parts of Essex, starting with Billericay which ranks as the safest area in Essex, followed up by Rayleigh in second place, and Wickford in third place.