Are biocides the same as pesticides?

Are biocides the same as pesticides?

Pesticides are used to combat undesirable organisms. The term pesticide comprises plant protection products and biocides. Biocides combat harmful organisms as well, but they are not strictly related to agriculture. Examples are disinfectants, rat-poison, wood preservatives and repellents.

Why should biocides be used instead of pesticides?

Pesticides, in general, include all the chemicals used to either kill or suppress harmful activities of pests, biocides include chemicals which kill every living thing such as cyanide and biopesticides are the living organisms or their products such as NPV and Bt products for killing/disrupting the harmful activities …

What are biocides in agriculture?

A biocidal product (or biocide) can be a pesticide or an antimicrobial containing or generating an active substance(s) that is used to prevent or control various types of harmful or unwanted organisms. Such products include disinfectants, preservatives, insect repellents, rodenticides and insecticides.

What are biocides for?

Biocides are used to decontaminate the skin of patients and health professionals, any surfaces that could harbour bacteria, and any instruments in contact with patients. Biocides are also used as antiseptics to treat infections in mucous membranes and damaged skin.

Are biocides harmful to humans?

Biocides are used to control harmful and unwanted organisms and microorganisms. However, not only do they kill pathogens, they also kill non-pathogens, meaning they may also be dangerous for humans. Biocides pose a particular risk to pregnant women, unborn life, small children, or people with serious chronic illness.

Are biocides harmful?

Is bleach a biocide?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a biocide like chlorine bleach is a substance that should be used to destroy living organisms, but when it comes to killing mold with bleach for bathroom mold removal, the use of a biocide is not recommended for routine practice during mold cleanup …

What is not a biocide?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Bleach. Biocides can be either synthetic or natural. Biocides are compounds used as antimicrobial, antifouling & disinfecting agents, and as pesticides.

Is biocide harmful to pets?

Biocides can be used by people in their workplace or in their own homes, so it is important that these products can be used without causing harm to people, pets, the environment or wildlife.

Is biocide a poison?

Biocides are divided into 22 product types (table 1) and are used in everyday life in households and at work (e.g. food industry, agriculture, healthcare). They can have toxic, carcinogen, endocrine disrupting properties, and may have adverse effects on human health and the environment.