How did Ida B Wells get famous?

How did Ida B Wells get famous?

Ida B. Wells was an African American journalist, abolitionist and feminist who led an anti-lynching crusade in the United States in the 1890s. She went on to found and become integral in groups striving for African American justice.

How did Ida B Wells make the world a better place?

Wells established the first black kindergarten, organized black women, and helped elect the city’s first black alderman, just a few of her many achievements. The work she did paved the way for generations of black politicians, activists, and community leaders.

What are facts about Ida B Wells?

Wells Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Early Life And Education. Ida B. Wells was born to James Wells and Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Warrenton) Wells on July 16, 1962, in Mississippi. Early Career. Ida B. Later Works. After the death of his friends, Ida B. Personal Life. Ida B. Honors. Ida B.

What are Ida B Wells sibling’s names?

Ida had 7 siblings: Emerson Solomon Wells, Ira Heydon Wells, Sidney Levi Wells, Charles Edgar Wells, Mary Ann Newman, Lina Minerva Smith and Roscoe Somers Wells. Ida married James W. Epperson . Ida passed away on November 4 1924, at age 68 in Kansas, United States of America.

What were Ida B Wells accomplishments?

By the time she died in 1931 at the age of 69, Ida B. Wells’ accomplishments were legendary. Wells was a founding member of the National Afro-American Council, which later became the NAACP . She founded the National Association of Colored Women, devoted to the rights of women and children.

What was Ida B Wells life like?

Early Life. Ida B. Wells was enslaved at birth. She was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, six months before the Emancipation Proclamation . Her father, James Wells, was a carpenter who was the son of the man who enslaved him and his mother. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a cook and was enslaved by the same man as her husband was.