How do I leave Dark Hyrule Castle?

How do I leave Dark Hyrule Castle?

Defeat the Stalfos, Wizzrobes, and Mini-Moldorms if you’d like. Walk by the staircase for now, and instead head up to find a larger treasure chest containing the Dungeon Map! Now return to the staircase and climb up to get to the first floor. At this point you have the option to leave Dark Hyrule Castle.

What happens to Vaati at the end of Minish Cap?

At the final battle, Link and his split selves defeat Vaati for good, and seal Ganon within the Four Sword with the help of Princess Zelda and the Shrine Maidens. With this, peace returns to Hyrule, and the Four Sword is laid to rest in its shrine.

How do you kill Vaati?

Vaati Transfigured Reveal the four vulnerable ones, then split in the shape necessary to hit them all at once. Once the eyes disappear, hit Vaati as many times as you can. If you’re out of arrows, break the spiky rocks around to get more. After a bunch of rounds of this, this form of Vaati is defeated.

How do I get the mirror shield in Minish Cap?

Once Link has successfully defeated Vaati, save the game and go to the giant Goron. He will request Link give him his shield. Link should give it to him and wait for a while, upon returning, the Goron will give Link the Mirror Shield.

How many figurines are in Minish Cap?

There are 130 normal Figurines available to get, and an extra six (referred to as the Final Series) are released when Link defeats Vaati. When Link collects the first 130 (or all 136 after defeating Vaati), he gains access to the Music House owned by Herb, which contains a Piece of Heart, Rupees, and the Phonograph.

Is Vaati dead?

After Link had rescued Zelda and sealed Vaati in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Hyrule was at peace for a time. At the final battle, Link and his split selves defeated and killed Vaati, and sealed Ganon within the Four Sword with the help of Zelda and the Shrine Maidens.

How do you beat Castor Wilds?

Walk to the northwest part of Castor Wilds and use the Pegasus Boots to dash across the swamp. Avoid the spikes that are in the swamp and then use the tree stump to shrink down to Minish size. As a Minish, walk over to the left and walk through the hole in the log.

How do you beat Vaati 4 swords?

To damage him, the Links must throw a Bomb into the cyclone, which floats up and explodes next to Vaati. If a Bomb successfully explodes next to Vaati, he will fall to the ground and become vulnerable to the Four Sword. After he takes enough damage, Vaati transforms.