How do you replace the wire on a hand held cheese slicer?

How do you replace the wire on a hand held cheese slicer?

Pry out the end of the old wire from that arm with the tip of a nail. Repeat the process on the opposite arm to completely remove the old wire. Loop the ends of the new wire into the slots for the wire on the arms. Replace and tighten the holding screws.

What kind of wire do you use for a cheese slicer?

For my cutting wire I used 0.015″ music wire, this wire has a very high tensile strength and is thin enough to be wound easily. Wrap the end of the wire around one of the knurled screws and tighten, securing the wire to one side of the cheese cutter.

Can you replace the wire on a cheese slicer?

You can easily replace the wires on your own. In most cheese slicers available in the market, the cheese cutting board is normally made of marble and will have stainless steel wire attached to the cutting arm. Remove the wire-fastening pin on the handle head and pull out that end of the wire.

What size is cheese cutter wire?

Designed for use with RSVP’s Green Marble Cheese Slicer (GCS)as well as the White Marble Cheese Slicer (WMCS) . Constructed from durable metal wire to provide precise slicing and cutting of a wide variety of cheeses. Wires are 5- 11/16 inches (14.44 cm) long with end loops about 1/4″ in diameter.

What is cheese wire?

Noun. cheese wire (countable and uncountable, plural cheese wires) A wire which is sufficiently strong, yet fine enough to cut through cheese easily. Normally with either a wooden handle at each end, or fixed to a board at one end, with a wooden handle at the other.

What is a cheese wire used for?

Cheese wires can help cut down on having to buy expensive, pre-cut blocks of cheese. In addition, this wire’s highly durable polypropylene handles hold up to regular use in commercial kitchens. “This is best for medium and soft cheeses. I use it for Brie and Camembert.