Is a ichthyosaur a herbivore or carnivore?

Is a ichthyosaur a herbivore or carnivore?

Ichthyosaurs were carnivores; they ate fish, octopus, and other swimming animals. They had strong jaws and sharp teeth.

What does an ichthyosaur eat?

Edit. Ichthyosaurs were predatory. They lived in the sea, so they ate any food they could find, catch, and kill, including squid, fish, and shellfish. They were very good at catching food.

Is ichthyosaurus a dinosaur?

ichthyosaur, any member of an extinct group of aquatic reptiles, most of which were very similar to porpoises in appearance and habits. These distant relatives of lizards and snakes (lepidosaurs) were the most highly specialized aquatic reptiles, but ichthyosaurs were not dinosaurs.

Who would win a megalodon or mosasaurus?

While a similar length, the Megalodon had a much more robust body and huge jaws built for devouring whales and other large marine mammals. A Mosasaurus would not have been able to get its jaws around the much thicker body of the Megalodon. It would just take one catastrophic bite for the Megalodon to end the battle.

What is and isn’t a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are archosaurs, a larger group of reptiles that first appeared about 251 million years ago, near the start of the Triassic Period. These and many other types of ancient reptiles are often wrongly called dinosaurs. Marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs are not dinosaurs.

What kind of social group did the ichthyosaur live in?

Ichthyosaurs are often assumed to have lived in herds or hunting groups. Little evidence is available about the nature of ichthyosaur social behaviour . Some indications exist that a level of sexual dimorphism was present.

Is a butterfly a herbivore or a carnivore?

A butterfly is a herbivore. Is a bird a herbivore and a carnivore? Nothing is both an herbivore and a carnivore. Any given species of bird will be either an herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore.

Is the human body a carnivore or an herbivore?

Claim: “We are actually anatomically, we are herbivores…We’re actually not carnivores. The way our digestive system works, we are actually better suited to be vegetarians.” Claim: “ (Vegetarianism) is not the way of man.

What kind of animal is a plesiosaur or ichthyosaur?

Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur by Édouard Riou, 1863. Ichthyosaurs (Greek for “fish lizard” – ιχθυς or ichthys meaning “fish” and σαυρος or sauros meaning “lizard”) are large marine reptiles.