Is Barry Du Bois still with his wife?

Is Barry Du Bois still with his wife?

Du Bois is currently a co-host and design/building expert on Network 10’s lifestyle program The Living Room….

Barry Du Bois
Spouse(s) Leonie Tobler ​ ( m. 1999)​
Children 2

How is Barry Du Bois health?

Barry Du Bois has big ambitions despite his terminal cancer diagnosis. The designer acknowledged that he only has ‘two years left’ due to his incurable cancer diagnosis, after a five-year prediction from his doctor in 2017. ‘If I don’t do this, I have failed the 63 years of my life,’ he continued.

What happened to Barry from the living rooms wife?

But the difficult times didn’t stop there when his wife, Leonie Tobler, went on to be diagnosed with cervical cancer. “I lost my mum, my wife got cancer and everything started to unwind,” Barry says, with raw honesty. “I just didn’t want to talk, I closed down.”

How old is Baz from the living room?

The 60-year-old builder and renovator, who battled cancer twice and went through countless rounds of IVF and then multiple surrogacy attempts with his wife to have his much-loved twins, said he is “here to keep the bas****s honest”.

Who is Barry Dubois married to?

Leonie Carol Toblerm. 1999
Leonie Carol Tobler
Barry Du Bois/Spouse

What nationality is Barry Du Bois?

Barry Du Bois/Nationality

Who is Chef Miguel’s wife?

Sascha Newportm. 2010
Miguel Maestre/Wife

Who is Amanda Keller husband?

Harley Oliver
Amanda Keller/Husband

Who is the chef on the living room?

Miguel Maestre

Miguel Maestre
Occupation Chef, restaurateur, writer, television presenter
Years active 2000-present
Employer Network 10
Known for The Living Room

Who is the Spanish chef?

Omar Allibhoy
Omar Allibhoy – The Spanish Chef.

How long have Jonesy and Amanda been together?

As Jonesy & Amanda celebrate 10 years together we took a look through the archives to see what they’ve been up to!

How old is Amanda Holden?

50 years (16 February 1971)
Amanda Holden/Age