Is Bill Beutel still alive?

Is Bill Beutel still alive?

Deceased (1930–2006)
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How old is Bill Butell?

75 years (1930–2006)
Bill Beutel/Age at death

When did Bill Beutel died?

18 March 2006
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How old is Bill Ritter today?

71 years (26 February 1950)
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Why was Grimsby fired?

His last TV job ended in 1991 when he was fired as an anchor for KUSI-TV in San Diego. Grimsby’s on-air feuds with fellow “Eyewitness News” team members, including Howard Cosell, Geraldo Rivera and gossip reporter Rona Barrett, whom he openly called “Rona Rooter,” were legendary.

Where is Beutel buried?

(1930-2006) – Find A Grave Memorial….William Charles “Bill” Beutel Jr.

Birth 17 Dec 1930 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
Death 19 Mar 2006 (aged 75) Clear Creek, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
Burial Unknown

What ever happened to Bill Beutel?

William Charles Beutel (December 12, 1930 – March 18, 2006) was an American television reporter, journalist and anchor….

Bill Beutel
Died March 18, 2006 (aged 75) Pinehurst, North Carolina, U.S.
Alma mater Dartmouth College

What is Bill Ritter doing now?

Ritter, who has been the co-anchor of the 11 p.m. news since September 1999, is also a correspondent for the ABC News program 20/20.

Who is Candace McCowan?

Candace McCowan joined the Eyewitness News team as a reporter in December of 2016. Before joining WABC, Candace was a political reporter and anchor at WFLA, Tampa’s NBC affiliate. Candace lives in Midtown, Manhattan with her husband Halton.


Roger Grimsby
He started each broadcast announcing, “Good evening, I’m Roger Grimsby, here now the news.” For most of his years at WABC, Grimsby also wrote and delivered a daily weekday afternoon radio newscast on the ABC Entertainment Network, which he considered his “read-in” to the news of the day.

Who anchored with Bill Beutel?

He wanted Beutel to return to New York as co-anchor alongside Roger Grimsby, whom Primo hired away from KGO-TV to serve as WABC-TV’s main anchor. Primo remembered Beutel’s solo anchor run in the early 1960s.

Did Shirleen Allicot have a baby?

We have some baby news here at Eyewitness News! Our own Shirleen Allicot has given birth to a baby boy. Wesley was born on Wednesday and weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. This is Shirleen’s third child.