Is Lulu Antariksa Mexican?

Is Lulu Antariksa Mexican?

Biography. Lauren Elizabeth-Marie Antariksa was born and raised in Valencia, Calfornia to an German mother and an Indonesian father.

Who plays Penelope Park in legacies?

Lulu AntariksaLegacies
Penelope Park/Played by

Who has Josie Saltzman dated?

Josie flourishes and, unlike Lizzie, is the popular girl and cheerleader captain; she’s even has a boyfriend, Connor.

What is Josie Saltzman middle name?

Josette “Josie” Olivia Saltzman is a major recurring character on The Vampire Diaries, a guest character on The Originals, and a main character on Legacies. She is one of the twin children of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin, the other being Lizzie.