What do you call side of the face?

What do you call side of the face?

cheek. noun. the soft part on each side of your face below your eyes.

What is the profile or side view?

1 : a view from the side : a view apart from the main view. 2 : a view of a person or object presenting a side instead of a front toward the observer or camera : a profile view.

What is a slang word for face?

countenance, physiognomy, profile, features. informal mug, kisser, clock. British informal mush, dial, phizog, phiz.

What does acne on cheeks mean?

Cheeks. Share on Pinterest Friction or rubbing of the skin may cause acne on the cheeks. Breakouts on the cheeks can occur as a result of acne mechanica, which develops due to friction or rubbing of the skin.

How do you spell cheek on your face?


  1. 1 : the fleshy side of the face below the eye and above and to the side of the mouth broadly : the lateral aspect of the head.
  2. 2 : something suggestive of the human cheek in position or form especially : one of two laterally paired parts.
  3. 3 : insolent boldness and self-assurance.
  4. 4 : buttock sense 1.

What’s another word for side-view?

What is another word for side view?

aspect cross section
profile section

What do we call a photo of a person’s face taken from the side?

4 Answers. The photo on the left is a “profile”, “profile view”, or a photo taken “in profile”.

Does Mush mean face?

Mush is a word created by one of my friends to describe the facial expression and feeling of embarrassment and excitement. It is most commonly related to a funny facial form or blushing.

How many face types are there?

The 7 basic face shapes are oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear and oblong.

How is one side of my face bigger than the other?

As you can see in the pictures one side of my face is clearly larger than the other. My left cheek looks swollen and my jaw is not alligned. My left jaw sticks out and one side of my chin is not alligned. Also, my jaw clicks when I open my mouth wide.

What’s the name for face side view of face?

The first one is called “profile shot” or “side-view shot” It’s usually taken to get a clear look of your jawline/nose/etc. You can learn more about different types of shots on Serif.com

Is there one side of the face that is symmetrical?

Symmetry also applies to the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and ears. Although it is known that the face is symmetrical, there is one side that is slightly larger then the other.

What are the symptoms of drooping of one side of face?

Clicking or popping sound from jaw, Difficulty opening mouth, Drooping of one side of face, Dry skin. Drooping of one side of face, Muscle twitching (painless), Numbness or tingling, Pain or discomfort.