What is a left paracentral disc extrusion?

What is a left paracentral disc extrusion?

Paracentral disc extrusion is another way to describe a herniated disc that has leaked inner disc fluid in a central direction into the spinal cord, as opposed to left or right into the spinal canal. This type of herniated disc occurs when the inner material of a disc seeps through a tear in the tough outer disc wall.

What is a midline disc extrusion?

A disc extrusion is a type of severe disc herniation. It happens when the center – or nucleus – of an intervertebral disc escapes from the center of the disc. A disc that is extruded can occur in the neck, mid, or lower back, and can cause severe spinal related pain.

What is the difference between a bulging disc and an extrusion?

A protrusion exists when only a few cartilage rings are torn and there is no actual leakage of the center material; the disc protrusion looks like a “bump”. With an extrusion, all the cartilage rings have torn in a small area, allowing the jelly-like material to flow out of the disc.

How does a disc extrusion heal?

With proper treatment, extruded discs typically heal without surgery. Discs even have the ability to reabsorb the extruded material with time.

How do you fix a disc extrusion?

Disc extrusions have been safely treated with surgery for years. The most common surgery used is a spinal fusion. With spinal fusion, the goal is to remove the herniated part of the disc.

What happens if you delay treatment for L4-L5 disc bulge?

Most importantly, an L4-L5 disc bulge can lead to prolonged pain and other, more serious conditions like spondylolisthesis if you delay treatment. Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which a vertebra shifts or slips, and can cause significant pain that may require surgery to fix. L4-L5 bulging disc treatments for pain

Which is the correct description of paracentral disc extrusion?

Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI. Paracentral Disc Extrusion is a pathological condition in which there is seepage of the nucleus material of a herniated disc on right or left side of the middle portion of the disc.

What is the difference between lateral and central disc protrusion?

Central disc protrusion — The bulge pushes toward the center of the spinal canal and the spinal cord. Lateral disc protrusion — The bulge pushes toward the left or right of the spinal canal, where it can pinch nerve roots that branch off the spinal cord.

Can a paracentral disc protrusion cause back pain?

Paracentral disc protrusion is a type of degenerative disc disease that results in chronic neck or back pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. This condition occurs with the natural degeneration of the spine, which causes pressure to be pushed down on the vertebrae and discs in the spine.