What is an example of a mishap?

What is an example of a mishap?

The definition of a mishap is a minor problem or something that goes wrong. When you spill milk all over yourself, this is an example of a mishap.

What is the similar word of mishap?

Some common synonyms of mishap are adversity, mischance, and misfortune. While all these words mean “adverse fortune or an instance of this,” mishap applies to an often trivial instance of bad luck.

What is physical mishap?

an accident that results in physical damage or hurt.

What is a very serious mishap called?

misfortune, mischance, adversity, mishap mean adverse fortune or an instance of this.

What’s misadventure mean?

: an unlucky event or occurrence : a bad experience or accident that is usually minor. See the full definition for misadventure in the English Language Learners Dictionary. misadventure. noun. mis·​ad·​ven·​ture | \ ˌmi-səd-ˈven-chər \

Where did the word mishap come from?

mishap (n.) mid-13c., “bad luck, misfortune, unlucky accident,” from mis- (1) “bad” + hap (n.) “luck.” It probably was formed on analogy of Old French mescheance (see mischance (n.)). Meaning “unfortunate event” is from mid-14c.

What is the word for a bad experience?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bad experience, like: disappointment, misfortune, bummer, disaster, drag, downer, irritation, annoyance and bad-trip.

What is an example of slapstick?

An example of slapstick is comedy performed by the television characters called the Three Stooges where people get poked in the eye or pies in the face. (uncountable) Physical comedy, e.g. slipping on a banana peel, exaggeratedly losing balance, walking into walls etc.

Is a mishap an accident?

As nouns the difference between accident and mishap is that accident is an unexpected event with negative consequences occurring without the intention of the one suffering the consequences while mishap is an accident, mistake, or problem.