What is co intervention bias?

What is co intervention bias?

Patients often receive multiple treatments, in addition to the intervention being studied, which could impact the outcome of interest. Co-intervention bias occurs when different groups receive different co-interventions.

What is an example of an intervention in research?

For example, in the trial of peer counseling for smokers in public housing, entire public housing developments were assigned to either the intervention or control arm, so that every participant at a particular development received the same treatment. Twenty developments were randomized.

What is contamination in research?

Contamination occurs when an inter- vention administered to an intervention group of an experimental study filters into the control group.

What is timing of intervention bias?

Timing bias refers to any issues with the timing of the intervention that could impact the outcomes. For example, in the ALPS study amiodarone was no better than placebo in the treatment of out of hospital cardiac arrest.

What is a co intervention in a RCT?

(kō-in-tĕr-ven’shun), Application of additional diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures to members of either the study group or control group in a randomized controlled trial.

What are co interventions in a study?

Co-interventions are additional treatments, advice or other interventions that a patient may receive, and which may affect the outcome of interest.

What is contamination in intervention?

Treatment contamination is defined as the receipt of active intervention amongst participants in the control arm of a randomised controlled trial (RCT) [1]. The effect of contamination is to make the control arm more similar to the active intervention arm, i.e. to dilute the treatment contrast.

What is contamination simple?

noun. the act of contaminating, or of making something impure or unsuitable by contact with something unclean, bad, etc. the act of contaminating, or of rendering something harmful or unusable by the addition of radioactive material: the contamination of food following a nuclear attack.

What is meant by referral bias?

Referral bias is a type of selection bias. People who are referred into studies are frequently different from those who are not, meaning that the results of a trial may not generalize well to the general population.