What is software testing process?

What is software testing process?

Software testing can be stated as the process of verifying and validating that software or application is bug-free, meets the technical requirements as guided by its design and development, and meets the user requirements effectively and efficiently with handling all the exceptional and boundary cases.

How do you evaluate software performance?

Seven Performance Testing Steps

  1. Identify the testing environment.
  2. Identify performance metrics.
  3. Plan and design performance tests.
  4. Configure the test environment.
  5. Implement your test design.
  6. Execute tests.
  7. Analyze, report, retest.

What is software testing and its type?

Testing is the process of executing a program with the aim of finding errors. To make our software perform well it should be error-free. If testing is done successfully it will remove all the errors from the software.

Can I learn software testing on my own?

Software testing can be learned by the people who want to start their career in the IT industry but not interested in coding. It can be learned by the people who want to learn various testing tools and enjoy finding bugs.

What is meant by software performance?

1.1 Software and Performance. Performance is an indicator of how well a software system or component meets its requirements for timeliness. Timeliness is measured in terms of response time or throughput. The response time is the time required to respond to a request.

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