What religion is Yarra Valley Grammar?

What religion is Yarra Valley Grammar?

Anglican tradition
Yarra Valley Grammar is a school established in the Anglican tradition and we have a gentle approach to nurturing our students’ spiritual development.

How old is Yarra Valley Grammar?

The foundation for today’s vibrant learning environment began in 1966 when the Yarra Valley Church of England School opened with 135 boys under founding Principal, Mr John Pascoe.

Is Yarra Valley Grammar a good school?

In 2019, our VCE students have once again achieved some excellent and well-deserved results. Our outstanding VCE results included: Two top ATARs of 99.75. Seven perfect study scores of 50.

How many students go to Yarra Valley Grammar?

Yarra Valley Grammar/Number of students

How much does it cost to go to Yarra Valley Grammar?

High school fees at Yarra Valley Grammar

Grade/Year Fee
Year 8 $24,996
Year 9 $27,060
Year 10 $27,060
Year 11 $28,460

How big is Yarra Valley Grammar?

29 hectares
Yarra Valley Grammar

Yarra Valley Grammar School
Campus size 29 hectares (290,000 m2)
Campus type Suburban
Colour(s) Red, gold & black
Slogan Confidence to Achieve

How much does Yarra Valley Grammar cost per year?

School Fees and Charges

Fees per Annum Fees per Term
ELC – 4 year old full-time 18408 4602
Prep 15952 3988
Year 1 19408 4852
Year 2 19408 4852

How many boarders does Caulfield Grammar have?

95 boarding students
Caulfield Grammar is the only Melbourne-based APS school to provide boarding for both boys and girls, with 95 boarding students, and is the second largest school in Victoria, currently catering for 3,315 students.

How much is Haileybury a year?

2021 Tuition Fees

Year Level Annual Fees Instalments
Years 1 & 2 $23,495.00 $5,873.75
Years 3 & 4 $25,635.00 $6,408.75
Years 5 & 6 $28,800.00 $7,200.00
Years 7 & 8 $33,215.00 $8303.75

How did Yarra Valley Grammar School get its name?

It comes from the first line of Psalm 121 and reflects the School’s Christian ethos of an inspirational, yet humble approach to student life. Our School badge, a Bishop’s Mitre, represents the tongues of fire that appeared above the head of each apostle at Pentecost, the Feast of the Holy Spirit.

What does the school badge at Yarra Valley mean?

Our School badge, a Bishop’s Mitre, represents the tongues of fire that appeared above the head of each apostle at Pentecost, the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The Cross of Christ appears on the Mitre three times, signifying the Holy Trinity.

What to expect in middle school at Yarra Valley?

Middle School Years 7 to 9 are a period of transition for students, as they cross the bridge between primary learning and their senior school years. We set high expectations with regard to academic rigour and strive to ensure our students are engaged in their learning with learning and enhancement programs that are relevant, engaging and inspiring.

When to apply for Yarra Valley grammar scholarships 2023?

Registrations for 2023 Scholarships are open now with all applications closing on 30 July. Any applications received after this date will not be considered. Please note step number one in the scholarships process must be completed ASAP. Also note that no scholarship examination will be held this year.