What was Billy Blues job?

What was Billy Blues job?

They married on 27 April 1805 at St Philip’s Church of England and were to have six children. Billy worked as a waterman and collected and sold oysters and other items. He found favour with both government officials and the public, to whom he endeared himself with his whimsical style and banter.

What crime did William Blue commit?

Conviction & Transportation

Crime: Stealing
Ship: Nile, Canada and Minorca
Departure date: June, 1801
Arrival date: 14th December, 1801
Place of arrival New South Wales

Where was Billy Blue born?

Jamaica, New York, United States
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When was Billy Blue born?

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How was Billy Blue?

Made from cocoa beans, sugar and spices, it was more expensive than coffee and a much more powerful stimulant due to the high sugar content. Sentenced to 7 years, Billy served almost 5 of these on board the hulks prior to being transported to NSW. Billy Blue arrived in Sydney in 1801 and completed his sentence in 1803.

Who was the most famous convict?

Top Five Famous Convicts transported to Australia

  1. Francis Greenway. Francis Greenway arrived in Sydney in 1814.
  2. Mary Wade. The youngest ever convict to be transported to Australia at the age of 11.
  3. John ‘Red’ Kelly.
  4. Mary Bryant.
  5. Frank the Poet.

What crimes did bushrangers commit?

over 400 men were arrested and convicted of armed robbery;7. at least 20 bushrangers were killed in shoot-outs or sentenced to death by courts;8. 11 NSW police officers were killed by bushrangers; many others were wounded in shootouts.

What contribution did Billy Blue make to Australian society?

He gained the favour of Governor Macquarie, who appointed him harbour watchman in 1811. One of the perks of the job was the provision of a stone hexagonal (six-sided) watch house overlooking the harbour, on the eastern side of Circular Quay. The house soon became known as Billy Blue’s cottage.

Could convicts go back to England?

If a convict was well behaved, the convict could be given a ticket of leave, granting some freedom. At the end of the convict’s sentence, seven years in most cases, the convict was issued with a Certificate of Freedom. He was then free to become a settler or to return to England.

What did child convicts eat?

It was usually 450 grams of salted meat (either mutton or beef), cooked again into a stew, and some bread.

Who was the worst bushranger?

Bush Bandits: While bushranger Ned Kelly is the most notorious bushranger, the Clarke Gang were considered the worst of all. Notorious bushrangers John and Thomas Clarke were captured in a shootout and hanged together two months later in 1867. Their execution effectively put an end to organised bushranger gangs in NSW.

What happened to bushrangers if they were caught?

In 1843, he escaped Port Arthur, and took up bushranging in Tasmania’s mountains, but was recaptured and sent to Norfolk Island, where, as leader of the 1846 Cooking Pot Uprising, he murdered three constables, and was hanged along with sixteen of his men.