Where was Christmas in Connecticut filmed?

Where was Christmas in Connecticut filmed?

Christmas in Connecticut (1992 film)

Christmas in Connecticut
Production locations Altadena, California Grand Teton National Park San Bernardino National Forest Santa Anita Depot, Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden – 301 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, California
Cinematography Chuck Colwell
Editor Michael Jablow

Who played Uncle Felix Christmas in Connecticut?

S.Z. Sakall
Christmas in Connecticut (1945) – S.Z. Sakall as Felix Bassenak – IMDb.

Who played Mr Yardley in Christmas in Connecticut?

Tony Curtis
A remake of Christmas in Connecticut was made in 1992, starring Dyan Cannon as Elizabeth, Kris Kristofferson as Jefferson Jones, and Tony Curtis as Mr. Yardley.

Who were the babies in Christmas in Connecticut?


Actor/actress(es) Character(s)
James Frasco Baby
Jody Gilbert Mrs. Gerseg
Sam Harris Man at Dance
Olaf Hytten Elkins

What Hallmark movie was filmed in Old Lyme?

Lifetime movie ‘The Christmas Fix’ starring Maria Menounos filming in CT. July 16, 2021 Updated: Aug.

What did they use for snow in Christmas in Connecticut?

plastic powder snow
The gentleness of affect and aesthetic of “Christmas in Connecticut” was perfect for war-weary 1945 American moviegoers. It’s a place of lead “icicles” on the Christmas tree, plastic powder snow set perfectly in each window pane, and, yes, acted out in the safe harbor of affluently WASPy Connecticut.

How long is Christmas in Connecticut?

1h 42m
Christmas in Connecticut/Running time

Did Dennis Morgan sing in Christmas in Connecticut?

Among Morgan’s other movies were “My Wild Irish Rose,” “Desert Song,” “God Is My Co-Pilot,” “Cheyenne” and “Christmas in Connecticut.” Morgan began his career as a radio announcer in Milwaukee and went on to broadcast Green Bay Packers football games.

When was Christmas in Connecticut released?

August 11, 1945 (USA)
Christmas in Connecticut/Release date

What house was used in Christmas in Connecticut?

But that movie was filmed on the RKO Encino Ranch (you can see photos in my post about it).

Which Hallmark movie was filmed in Wethersfield CT?

“Rediscovering Christmas” Locations included: Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre, downtown Wethersfield and Pratt Street in Hartford.

What is the movie Christmas in Connecticut about?

While recovering in a hospital, war hero Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan) grows familiar with the “Diary of a Housewife” column written by Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck). Jeff’s nurse arranges with Elizabeth’s publisher, Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet), for Jeff to spend the holiday at Elizabeth’s bucolic Connecticut farm with her husband and child. But the column is a sham, so Yardley hastens to arrange a publicity ploy by setting up single, nondomestic Elizabeth on a country farm.
Christmas in Connecticut/Film synopsis

Who are the actors in Christmas in Connecticut?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Barbara Stanwyck Elizabeth Lane Dennis Morgan Jefferson Jones Sydney Greenstreet Alexander Yardley Reginald Gardiner John Sloan S.Z. Sakall Felix Bassenak

Who is the author of Christmas in Connecticut?

Christmas in Connecticut ( 1945) Christmas in Connecticut. A food writer who has lied about being the perfect housewife must try to cover her deception when her boss and a returning war hero invite themselves to her home for a traditional family Christmas.

Who was Elizabeth Lane in Christmas in Connecticut?

The “Christmas in Connecticut” Farmhouse. (Spoiler alert — I’ll be talking about the plot!) Barbara Stanwyck played Elizabeth Lane, a writer whose popular Smart Housekeeping magazine column describes her idyllic life as a wife, mother, and accomplished cook on her farm in Connecticut.

Where was the house in Christmas in Connecticut filmed?

It was built on a Warner Bros. soundstage in Burbank, California. But that movie was filmed on the RKO Encino Ranch (you can see photos in my post about it ). One wonders if the props for the movie are stored somewhere on the Warner Brothers lot, since the setting is an iconic never-never land and the ultimate house with the white picket fence.