Who is Jess in the new Xfinity commercial?

Who is Jess in the new Xfinity commercial?

Helena Mattsson
Mattsson in 2015
Born Helena Christina Mattsson 30 March 1984 Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation Actress
Years active 2004–present

Who is the red haired girl in the Grammarly commercial?

Morgan Smith Goodwin
Morgan Smith (actress)

Morgan Smith Goodwin
Born March 29, 1986 Cullman, Alabama, U.S.
Education Birmingham–Southern College (BA)
Occupation Actress
Years active 2011–present

Who is the black girl on the chime commercial?

Cyrina Fiallo
Born December 29, 1991 Miami, Florida, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 2007–present

Who is the actress in the Cox Communications commercial?

Cox Communications Panoramic Wifi TV Commercial, ‘A Break From Her Break-Up’ Song by Francesca Blanchard

Who is the actress in the curfew commercial?

Fatima Ptacek Fátima Ptacek is an American film and television actress and model, and a human rights activist working with UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign for gender equality. She is best known as the lead actor in the 2012 Academy Award winning film Curfew (2012) and its 2014 full-length feature film version

Who is the actress who plays Alexis Castle?

Molly Quinn, popularly known as Molly C. Quinn, is an American actress who is known among television audiences for playing the character of Alexis Castle, the daughter of the lead in the American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle (2009), which aired on ABC.

What happens in the break up with your boyfriend commercial?

After being broken up with by her boyfriend, this teenage girl spends the following days lamenting the loss of the relationship by reminiscing over old photos and observing her ex’s status change from “in a relationship” to “single.”