Who is the female soccer player who took her shirt off?

Who is the female soccer player who took her shirt off?

Brandi Chastain
PASADENA, Calif. – After she had won it for the United States, defender Brandi Chastain admitted she had lost it. Seconds after connecting for the game-winning goal in the penalty-kick shootout against China, Chastain ripped off her shirt and whipped it around in celebration.

What happened Mia Hamm?

After winning two Olympic gold medals and winning two World Cup titles, Hamm retired from soccer after the 2004 Olympics, but her legacy lives on in soccer players all over the world, especially players on the current U.S. Women’s National Team. Not surprisingly, she is still involved in the soccer world.

Who is Mia Hamm’s husband?

Nomar Garciaparram. 2003
Christian Corrym. 1994–2002
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What did Mia Hamm’s parents do?

Stephanie Hamm
Bill Hamm
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How old is Mia Hamm now?

49 years (17 March 1972)
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What is Mia Hamms net worth?

Mia Hamm Net Worth: $10 Million.

Who did Mia Hamm marry?

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Are Nomar and Mia still married?

In 1998, Hamm and Garciaparra met at a promotional soccer event in Boston. They married in 2003 and have twin daughters as well as a son.

What was Mia Hamm’s number?

With Hamm as the star, they enjoyed media attention unprecedented for a women’s sports team, especially during the 1999 World Cup held in the United States. Jerseys with her number 9 became a top seller, and her popularity, which continued into her retirement, rivaled that of the best-known male athletes.

Who did Mia Hamm married?

Mia Hamm/Spouse

The story goes that Mia and Nomar competed against each other in a soccer shootout. Nomar scored three goals. Mia scored four. Five years later they were married.

Why did Nomar Garciaparra retire?

Garciaparra said he decided to retire when he realized this offseason that due to a condition that has limited him over the years, he “just couldn’t work out the way I like to work out, and that really was my ultimate decision.”

Is Alex Morgan still married?

Alex Morgan has been married to her husband, Servando Carrasco, since 2014. While Alex plays on the U.S. women’s soccer team, Servando is a midfielder for Fort Lauderdale CF.